Checkout out our new video and then RSVP to join us at our Interfaith Dinner on November 4th to continue the conversation! The Interfaith Dinner is for the religious community of George Mason University to come together for a night of delicious food and discussions. Let us celebrate our religious diversity and our ability to come together… read more

October 11, 2016

No Nation

By: Cecile Wolfe “What are you?” This is a common question in the United States. Usually people ask this question when trying to find out the national origins of a person. Living in an immigrant country means it’s a valid assumption to think most people you meet are a part of a family that moved… read more

October 3, 2016


Thanks for taking part in our launch event, stay tuned for the next event Thursday, October 27th on the East Plaza which will take you back to your childhood, can’t wait to “jump in!”… read more

September 23, 2016

Why #EmbraceDiversity

Take one look at the George Mason University student body and it is immediately apparent how incredibly diverse our student body is. Scattered around the campus and in our classrooms are people of all different skin colors, wearing all different kinds of clothing and accessories, speaking all different kinds of languages, and discussing a wide… read more

September 9, 2016

My Face Is An Ethnic Enigma

I have the kind of face and hair that in many people invokes the thought, “What the heck is she?” I have been approached by various kinds of people asking me questions in their native language, only to witness their faces fall as I frantically wave my hands in front of me and say, “Oh… read more